The nursery is located in a building of character with its own special features. All outside areas of play are designed with your child’s safety in mind. Safety surface has been laid in the playground and fencing is installed for extra security and peace of mind. Additionally there is a covered decked area specifically for our babies. All children have the opportunity to participate in and enjoy a large range of open air equipment.

Our Childcare Aims

  • To realise the potential of every child.
  • To provide a safe, warm and exciting environment in which each child can develop.
  • To give each child the knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes to make the learning process rewarding and exciting.
  • To help children become competent in the use of language and number.
  • To help children develop personal and social skills.
  • To promote an awareness of moral, social and cultural values.


This is a light airy room with a homely nurturing atmosphere. There is a separate area for the very young babies and a sleep area for peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the playroom.

Our babies have their own outside decked area which is covered to protect from rain and sun.

A typical day will include simple songs, stories and rhymes, craft activities including sand and water, lots of space and time to practice crawling, walking and many other gross as well as fine motor skills and of course lots of time to sit, cuddle and enjoy the simple pleasures of being a baby.


Our Toddler room is spacious and exciting, designed to encourage your child’s growing confidence, independence and increasing mobility. Nursery days are filled with painting, chalking, cutting, sticking, water and sand play.

As the children grow a wide variety of opportunities are presented which allow them to explore, investigate and learn in a safe and secure environment. We begin to promote the independent learning, social skills and personal development that are essential to a growing child. The children continue to be offered the opportunity to rest in a quiet sleep area if required.

We follow the Early Years Foundation framework which recognises the importance of development and learning at this stage. The nursery day becomes more structured with the emphasis on language, learning through play, the acquisition of life and social skills and interaction with others

Pre-School Children

Our nursery pre-school room is designed to be a children’s world. The room layout, play area, resources and activities ensure that children have continuous access to whatever they need to support and extend their learning experience.

Activities for this age group are wide and varied providing ample learning opportunities based on the Early Years Foundation stage. We are regularly inspected by OFSTED and have access to teacher input and support.

A more structured approach to the day is adopted which prepares the children for a school environment.

We also ensure that the children have the opportunity for imaginative play, creative play, construction and small world toys, music and movement, stories, singing, early reading and maths tasks, baking, ICT, exercise and dance and many other activities to keep their minds busy and their bodies active.

Parent Partnership

Parents and Staff are a partnership in our nursery. Staff ensure a close bond with parents is maintained as follows:

  • Giving you sufficient time and opportunity for any questions or discussions you need to voice regarding your child or the Nursery.
  • Providing you and your child with a gentle, structured introduction to Nursery life.
  • Giving you regular written reports of your child’s progress.
  • Sending home selections of your child’s creative arts and crafts for you to keep.
  • Allow you to visit the Nursery at any time (subject to arrangements being made with the Nursery Manager or Deputy Manager).
  • Giving you access to your child’s records and consulting you in respect of their care.
  • Sending you a Nursery Newsletter on a regular basis, keeping you up to date with Nursery life.
  • Sending your child home with a selection of their work so you can see their progress.